What Is Science? por Norman Campbell

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What Is Science? Norman Campbell

Forgotten Books 2017
ISBN: 9780243645589
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Norman Campbell

Acerca del libro

Accordingly, my object has been to explain what are the aims and objects of science and what kind of satis faction can be derived from its study. I have tried to draw attention to those aspects of its more abstruse departments that may’ be expected to appeal to men and women of wide intellectual sympathies. The book does not pretend to be popular or to provide an easy hour’s reading for all experience shows that mere difficulties of thought are no bar to success in adult education; the enthusiasm of a leader is all that is necessary to sustain interest. No writer can hope to get into as close touch with his readers as a speaker with his audience, and unless leaders can be found to treat science in the spirit suggested, my efforts must necessarily fail. But perhaps my efforts will help some who would not otherwise have undertaken the task.

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