Vampires and Va_i_as, Heresy and Hearsay por Rev Lawrence Kong Hee

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Vampires and Va_i_as, Heresy and Hearsay Rev Lawrence Kong Hee

BookRix 2016
ISBN: 9783739637044
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Idioma: Español

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El autor es…

Rev Lawrence Kong Hee

Acerca del libro

The original title began with “Vampires and Vaginas”, but Facebook in all its righteous politically-correct fluff and officialdom bans that explicit advertisement, effectively forcing “self-censorship”.This (sorry excuse for a) book is basically a party of spit, p*ss and sh*t on all caste and sexist crap – a pet project for public penetration of worthless recalcitrant brahmin and sex parasites/predators.It’s also a rude theological shove in faces of people who are so “religious and spritual” that all they do is gyrate with palsy and “speak in tongues”, without a single dose of hard logic and level-headed scripture audit.What happens when you put a sound-minded kid in a hip-hop herd-minded Charismatic MegaChurch?The “Zeal” of the Lord of Hosts probably makes a Deadpool of him.This is stuff is not for b/himbo romatic-fiction lovers who masturbate to erotic vampires, although they are welcome to convert. (For the Angels in Heaven would rejoice.)Lovers of Rowan Atkinson, Russel Peters, Jim Carey, Robin Williams will find this CockTail of subtle deapan and brutal explicitness irreverent enough for their perverse tastebuds. What a bunch of unholy uncircumcised heretics indeed.

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