The Woman Beautiful por Helen Follett Stevans

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The Woman Beautiful Helen Follett Stevans

Helen Follett Stevans 2017
ISBN: 9788826006987
Formatos: epub, pdf
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Idioma: Español

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El autor es…

Helen Follett Stevans

Acerca del libro

The Woman Beautiful is not a radiant creature of gorgeous plumage and artificial beauty, but a woman of wholesome health, good hard sense, sparkling vivacity and sweet lovableness. Her beauty-creed hangs not from rouge pots and bleaches, but suspends like a banner of truth from the laws of wise, hygienic living. Her cheeks are tinted with the glow that comes from good, well-circulated blood, her eyes are bright and lovely because her mind is so, and her complexion is transparent and soft and velvety for the reason that the true art is known to her. The Woman Beautiful is all sincerity. She doesn’t like to sail under false colors and so insult old Dame Nature, whose kindnesses and benefits are so well meant and freely offered.

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