The Revolt of the Oyster por Don Marquis

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The Revolt of the Oyster Don Marquis

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El autor es…

Don Marquis

Acerca del libro

From his hut in the tree-top Probably Arboreal looked lazily down a broad vista, still strewn with fallen timber as the result of a whirlwind that had once played havoc in that part of the forest, toward the sea. Beyond the beach of hard white sand the water lay blue and vast and scarcely ruffled by the light morning wind. All the world and his wife were out fishing this fine day. Probably Arboreal could see dozens of people from where he crouched, splashing in the water or moving about the beach; and even hear their cries borne faintly to him on the breeze. They fished, for the most part, with their hands; and when one caught a fish it was his custom to eat it where he caught it, standing in the sea.In Probably Arboreal’s circle, one often bathed and breakfasted simultaneously; if a shark or saurian were too quick for one, one sometimes was breakfasted upon as one bathed.

Acerca de Don Marquis

Don Marquis (1878–1937) was a journalist and columnist in New York City and the author of several novels, short-story collections, and plays.E. B. White (1899–1985) was a Pulitzer Prize–winning writer, New Yorker contributor, and author of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web.

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