The Physics of the Secret Doctrine por William Kingsland

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The Physics of the Secret Doctrine William Kingsland

Forgotten Books 2017
ISBN: 9780243805785
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William Kingsland

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Much of the information thus given is, however, in a very scattered and fragmentary form, and it appears desir able, not merely that it should be collected and collated so as to compare it with the more recent results of modern Science, but also for a further elucidation of the many veiled hints and references so plentifully to be found. Very much of this information is clearly anticipatory of a great deal which has since become accepted fact by modern orthodox Science, but there still remains much which modern Science has not yet reached, and which, indeed, is beyond the reach of research by purely induc tive methods and mechanical appliances such as modern scientists rely upon. The distinctive difference between modern and occult Science lies in the first place in the point of view from which the whole question of phenomenon or Objectivity is approached, and in the second place in the methods of investigation which are employed.

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