The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell por George Santayana

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The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell George Santayana

Jovian Press 2018
ISBN: 9781537818900
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El autor es…

George Santayana

Acerca del libro

In its chase after idols this age has not wholly forgotten the gods, and reason and faith in reason are not left without advocates. Some years ago, at Trinity College, Cambridge, Mr. G.E. Moore began to produce a very deep impression amongst the younger spirits by his powerful and luminous dialectic. Like Socrates, he used all the sharp arts of a disputant in the interests of common sense and of an almost archaic dogmatism. Those who heard him felt how superior his position was, both in rigour and in force, to the prevailing inversions and idealisms. The abuse of psychology, rampant for two hundred years, seemed at last to be detected and challenged; and the impressionistic rhetoric that philosophy was saturated with began to be squeezed out by clear questions, and by a disconcerting demand for literal sincerity. German idealism, when we study it as a product of its own age and country, is a most engaging phenomenon; it is full of afflatus, sweep, and deep searchings of heart; but it is essentially romantic and egotistical, and all in it that is not soliloquy is mere system-making and sophistry…

Acerca de George Santayana

George Santayana (1863-1952) was born in Madrid. A student of both Josiah Royce and William James, he graduated from Harvard in 1886, and became their colleague two years later. Among his own students were T. S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, Gertrude Stein, Walter Lippmann, W. E. B. Dubois, and Harry Wolfson. He left Harvard in 1912 and spent his remaining forty years in Europe. In addition to his many works of philosophy and autobiography, Santayana wrote a novel, The Last Puritan, which became a bestseller upon its publication in 1935.

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