The Phenomena of Spiritualism por Asa Mahan

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The Phenomena of Spiritualism Asa Mahan

Forgotten Books 2017
ISBN: 9780243607327
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Asa Mahan

Acerca del libro

The following are some of the conclusions to which we were thus conducted: 1. There is in nature a force having the identical properties above specified, and which we denominate the Odylic Force. 2. This force is identical with the cause of all the mesmeric and clairvoyant phenomena, on the one hand; and with the immediate cause of these manifestations, on the other. 3. By a reference to the properties and laws of this force as developed in the Spirit circles, and to its relations to the minds constituting the same, we can account most fully for all the Spirit phenomena, of every kind, without the supposi tion of the presence or agency of disembodied spirits. Con sequently, the hypothesis of Spiritualism is wholly unsus tained by any valid evidence whatever 4. The entire real facts of Spiritualism demand the supposmon, that this force in the production of these communications is controlled exclu sively, for the most part unconsciously, by the minds in the circles, and not by disembodied Spirits out of the same. 5. We finally found, what we did not at first expect, that we had developed facts and principles which gave an equally ready and satisfactory explanation of the phenomena of witchcraft.

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