The Maharajah’s violin por Ricardo Tronconi

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The Maharajah's violin Ricardo Tronconi

Ricardo Tronconi 2015
ISBN: 9786050373745
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Idioma: Español

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El autor es…

Ricardo Tronconi

Acerca del libro

The theft of a very precious musical instrument, a violin belonging to an indecipherable Maharajah and charged with an intensely sensual sound, is silenced by the seriousness of some Italian historical events in the seventies and soon forgotten. But some thirty years later, a mysterious character asks the now acquitted lutist, Faithless Colliodoro, to craft an instrument with the same peculiar features.As in all the erotic novels by La Novella Orchidea, the reader is led to discover the vicissitudes in which daily impulses acquire different smells and flavours, right up to the final liberation from that mask, demanded by society and created through hypocrisy and deception of individuals, for a complete restitution of one’s senses and of a stolen dignity.

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