The Book of Witches por Oliver Madox Hueffer

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The Book of Witches Oliver Madox Hueffer

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Oliver Madox Hueffer

Acerca del libro

“The Book of Witches”, popular history and overview of witchcraft by Oliver Madox Hueffer (1876 – 1931), a prolific writer and journalist who was renowned for his sexual and other exploits.”The Book of Witches” is not an exhaustive treatise on witches and witchcraft, treated scientifically, historically and so forth. The author endeavors to produce a picture from which a general impression may be gained. He shows whence the witch came and why, as well as what she was and is; to point out how necessary she is and must be to the happiness of mankind, and how great the responsibility of those who seek to infect others with their skepticism because they do not believe in her.

Acerca de Oliver Madox Hueffer

Oliver Madox Hueffer (1877 – June 22, 1931), was an author, playwright, and war correspondent. Oliver was the younger brother of the English novelist, poet, critic and editor, Ford Madox Ford. Often described as an exaggerated version of Ford, Hueffer had an erratic career and became involved in financial and sexual exploits resembling those that haunted his more famous brother—to the point where certain characters and plot details in Hueffer’s novels could be loosely based on the life of either brother. Oliver published eight volumes of fiction under his own name between 1901 and 1931 and five as ‘Jane Wardle’ 1907-10. His brother wrote that he had ‘run through the careers of Man About Town, Army Officer, Actor, Stockbroker, Painter, Author and under the auspices of the father of one of his fiancées, that of Valise Manufacturer’. Badly wounded in the First World War, he lived afterwards in Versailles.

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