Studies and Exercises in Formal Logic por John Neville Keynes

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Studies and Exercises in Formal Logic John Neville Keynes

Características 2019
ISBN: 9788834120163
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John Neville Keynes

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Including A Generalisation Of Logical Processes In Their Application To Complex InferencesIn Part I a new definition of “connotative name” is proposed, in the hope that some misunderstanding may thereby be avoided; and the treatment of negative names has been revised.In Part II the problem of the import of judgments and propositions in its various aspects is dealt with in much more detail than before, and greater importance is attached to distinctions of modality. Partly in consequence of this, the treatment of conditional and hypothetical propositions has been modified. I have partially re-written the chapter on the existential import of propositions in order to meet some recent criticisms and to explain my position more clearly. Many other minor changes in Part II have been made.Amongst the changes in Part III are a more systematic treatment of the process of the indirect reduction of syllogisms, and the introduction of a chapter on the characteristics of inference.An appendix on the fundamental laws of thought has been added; and the treatment of complex propositions which previously constituted Part IV of the book has now been placed in an appendix. 

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