Stoicism por Hector Janssen

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Stoicism Hector Janssen

Efalon Acies 2020
ISBN: 9788835896166
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Idioma: Español

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Hector Janssen

Acerca del libro

This book consists of two titles, which are the following:Book 1: Stoicism is a concept that has been studied more and more lately. The philosophy that dates back all the way to Socrates has been significant in many people’s lives. So, today, we will expand on what stoicism is, where it originated from, and how you can use it in your life to become a better person and achieve more.On top of that, we’ll discuss how the Golden Rule (do unto others what you would have them do unto you) applies and is directly related to the idea of stoicism. We’ll go over what is meant by “logos” and why so many businesspeople and entrepreneurs have studied stoicism to improve their responses and results to changes in the market and their negotiations.Become familiar with the ancient philosophy of stoicism and expand your comprehension of this concept.Book 2: What are the four virtues of stoicism?In this book, you will find fascinating thoughts on courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom. We will touch on these topics and help you understand why they are so important. This can make a huge difference in your life.Stoicism can also help people react better to each other in family relationships. With the virtues described, great improvements can be made in the way we interact with each other. This is the central theme of most of this guide.Lastly, one chapter is devoted to overcoming anxiety through stoicism, something many people have successfully done.Don’t wait and learn more about yourself, relationships, and the virtues you can probably increase in your life.

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