Spiritual Empath por Rohit Sahu

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Spiritual Empath Rohit Sahu

Rohit Sahu 2020
ISBN: 9791220212472
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Idioma: Español

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Rohit Sahu

Acerca del libro

Do you keep attracting toxic individuals and set a poor barrier? Do you get consumed by negative emotions and feel like you can’t deal with it? Do you want to heal yourself and seek inner peace and spiritual growth? If so, this book is going to open the doors for you!!Empaths have too much to contribute as healers, creators, friends, lovers, and innovators at work. Yet extremely compassionate and empathic people sometimes give too much at the cost of their own well-being-and end up consuming the stress of others. Why?These questions and more will be addressed in this book. You’ll find the answers you’re searching for to learn the facts on whether you’re an empath, how it can work on a biological level, what to do to help you succeed as an empath, and how to shield yourself from other people’s thoughts, feelings, and responses so that you don’t absorb them.There is a lot of things going in the life of empaths, and they are here to add more happiness and peace to the world. Empaths are known for their willingness to listen, sensitivity, empathy, and the capacity to be in the shoes of others. You may be that individual, or you might know that individual in your life, but either way, knowing the true cause of being an empath and why they are different from others will help you improve to lead a healthy, free, and beautiful life full of empathy.This book includes the following, and much more: ✔️What is an Empath?✔️Are You an Empath?✔️Is Being an Empath a Gift or Disorder✔️The List of Empath Superpowers✔️Ways to Turn Your Super Traits into Super Powers✔️The Secret Dark Side of Being an Empath✔️What It’s Like Being an Intuitive/Psychic Empath✔️Signs You’re the Most Powerful Empath (Heyoka)✔️Is Your Soul Exhausted and Energy Depleted?✔️Tips To Become an Empath Warrior✔️Empath’s Survival Guide/Tips to Stay Balanced as an Empath✔️Ways to Save Yourself from Narcissists✔️Best Practices to Deal with Anxiety✔️Why Self-Love/Self-Care is So Important✔️Empath Awakening Stages✔️Best Transmutation Techniques for Raising Your Energies and Vibrations for Spiritual GrowthRight now, you can opt to proceed on a profound healing path and find strength in the deep pockets of your soul. Or you might want to put off the re-discovery of your inner voice and intuition, feeling like you might never have had it; never really understood how your powerful empathic ability can be channeled for the greatest benefit of all, including your own highest gain.Filled with lots of insight into the inner workings of Empath’s mind, useful knowledge to help you make sense of your abilities, and keep negative individuals and energies out of your life. This book contains all you need to become a stronger, better version of yourself.That’s correct, with this book, you can move out of your usual role and begin a journey. You’ll experience the emergence of the inner energies and become a spiritually awakened person.Now don’t bother, claim your copy today!!

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