Something New por P. G. Wodehouse

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Something New P. G. Wodehouse

Diamond Book Publishing 2020
ISBN: 9788835860044
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El autor es…

P. G. Wodehouse

Acerca del libro

Something New is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse. The novel introduces Lord Emsworth of Blandings Castle, whose home and family reappear in many of Wodehouse’s later short stories and novels; in a new preface added to Something Fresh in 1969, Wodehouse dubbed this series of stories “the Blandings Castle Saga”. Plot introduction Young neighbours and fellow-writers Ashe Marson and Joan Valentine, newly met and both in need of a change of direction, find themselves drawn down to Blandings, for various reasons attempting to retrieve a scarab belonging to an American millionaire, absent-mindedly purloined by Lord Emsworth. Once within the Castle’s idyllic walls, despite impersonating servants, romance cannot help but blossom; meanwhile, Freddie Threepwood, engaged to the millionaire’s daughter, is worried about some incriminating letters.

Acerca de P. G. Wodehouse

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (P. G. Wodehouse) was an English humorist and writer best known for his Jeeves and Blandings Castle novels. Educated at boarding schools, Wodehouse turned to writing at a young age, demonstrating great skill at humorous sketches and musical lyrics. He continued to write part-time while pursuing, at the behest of his father, a career in banking, and successfully contributed numerous pieces to Punch, Vanity Fair, and The Daily Express, among other publications. In addition to his literary work, Wodehouse was incorporated into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in recognition of his collaboration with Cole Porter on Anything Goes, his lyrics to the song “Bill” from Show Boat, and his work on the musicals Rosalie and The Three Musketeers.While interned along with other British citizens in Germany during the Second World War, Wodehouse made a series of radio broadcasts for which he was accused of being a collaborator; and, although later cleared of the charges, he never returned to England. His work has influenced many other writers including Evelyn Waugh, Rudyard Kipling, J. K. Rowling, and John Le Carré. P. G. Wodehouse died in 1975 at the age of 93.

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