Roman Perspectives por John Matthews

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Roman Perspectives John Matthews

The Classical Press of Wales 2009
ISBN: 9781910589274
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John Matthews

Acerca del libro

The fifteen papers in this volume discuss issues of Roman social, cultural and political history from the foundation of the Principate to the age of barbarian settlements of the west. Working imaginatively from within the diverse evidence, they show the institutional continuity of the Roman empire between its early and later periods, and reveal the roots of political behaviour in social practice. Five of the papers, including three of the most substantial, are previously unpublished; others have appeared in collections which are now difficult to find. The author has edited the whole to bring out thematic connections as well as for consistency of presentation.

Acerca de John Matthews

John Matthews has authored over sixty books, including _The Grail: Quest for Eternal Life_ and _The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom_. A foremost expert in the Arthurian legends and esoteric wisdom of the Celtic traditions, he teaches and lectures around the world. He resides with his wife, Caitlin, in Oxford, England.

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