Restorative Free Will por Bruce N. Waller

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Restorative Free Will Bruce N. Waller

Lexington Books 2015
ISBN: 9781498522397
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Idioma: Español

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Bruce N. Waller

Acerca del libro

Restorative Free Will argues for an account of free will that takes seriously the evolutionary development of the key elements of free will. It emphasizes a biological understanding of free will that rejects the belief that free will belongs exclusively to humans and seeks to understand free will by examining it writ large in the adaptive behavior of many species. Drawing on resources from primatology, biology, psychology, and anthropology, Restorative Free Will examines the major compatibilist and libertarian accounts of free will, acknowledges their important insights while arguing that each view mistakenly treats an essential element of animal free will as if it were the full account of free will, and demonstrates how a broader biological approach to free will integrates those insights into a richer naturalistic free will account.

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