Reincarnation a Study of Forgotten Truth por E. D. Walker

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Reincarnation a Study of Forgotten Truth E. D. Walker

Forgotten Books 2017
ISBN: 9780243846351
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Idioma: Español

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E. D. Walker

Acerca del libro

More than simply a study into reincarnation, this book is an argument for the existence of reincarnation as a fundamental component of human existence. Unlike some authors writing on the topic, author E.D. Walker is keenly aware that many people are skeptical of the very concept of reincarnation. Thus, the ultimate goal of this book is to present evidence illuminating the existence of reincarnation and its fundamental nature.<br><br>Walker builds her argument by first defining the term and tackling the frequently stated objections to the existence of reincarnation. The author then serves up counterpoints to criticisms most often levied by skeptics, including why we have no memory of past lives (“birth is so violent as to scatter all the details and leave only the net spiritual result”, Walker argues) amongst other critiques.<br><br>The book details what is referred to as evidence of reincarnation throughout history, examining ancient civilizations, the Bible, Buddhism and other religions, and the writings of poets and thinkers on the topic of reincarnation. The book also examines transmigration through animals, the meaning of death, and the importance of karma in reincarnation.<br><br>One’s pre-existing beliefs will likely impact how one views this work. Those who believe in reincarnation will likely find the evidence presented believable and affirming. Skeptics may have a harder time with some of the examples of reincarnation presented, such as that of a music prodigy so talented that he must be “the reappearance of Mozart hastening to fill out the life that was cut sadly short.”<br><br>Ultimately, <i>Reincarnation: A Study of Forgotten Truth</i> is a worthwhile read for both believers and skeptics alike. It is a thorough examination of the topic, and while argumentative by its very nature, leaves room for the reader to form their own conclusions.

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