Power Of Your Words por Affirmation Angel

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Power Of Your Words Affirmation Angel

Brolga Publishing 2016
ISBN: 9781922175854
Formatos: epub, pdf
Dispositivos: PC, MAC, móviles, Android, iOS
Idioma: Español

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Affirmation Angel

Acerca del libro

In a simple way, this Angel brings a fresh look at how to be kind to yourself and to remind you that it’s ok when you don’t get everything right. Angel will assist you through your journey in life making you aware of the positives and helping you build upon them. To understand how damaging self-talk can be and to use it positively. Looking at life with a positive view, to remind you that your words are powerful, and how to use affirmations in your everyday life. Helping you to understand the value of good choices and taking responsibility for your decisions. This small handbook will plant some seeds for you to think about and maybe act upon, make you aware that you are important, and things can always be improved.

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