Pimple por Ryan Weeks

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Pimple Ryan Weeks

Unbound Digital 2018
ISBN: 9781911586814
Formatos: epub, pdf
Dispositivos: PC, MAC, móviles, Android, iOS
Idioma: Español

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Ryan Weeks

Acerca del libro

Annie O’Mahony, the disillusioned former founder of a “FinTech” (financial technology) business, is a tech evangelist. Having seen her last firm, Millennial Credit, taken over by a high street bank, she’s looking for a fresh challenge: an industry where technology can be the cure-all. She lands, quite unexpectedly, on the sex trade. With the help of her closest friend Veronica, Annie sets about building an Uber for prostitution – an app she names Pimple. As her story progresses, and the app’s user-base begins to swell, dangerous syndicates of pimps begin to push back against it, in what quickly morphs into a violent struggle between the old and the new. The police wrestle with the righteousness of the app’s rise to prominence, while its founders are soon forced to contend with the morality of what they’ve created. Pimple is the fictitious tale of the rise of this technology, and of the inevitable disruption that it brings about

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