Mule por David Quantick

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Mule David Quantick

Unbound 2016
ISBN: 9781783521012
Formatos: epub, pdf
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Idioma: Español

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El autor es…

David Quantick

Acerca del libro

Jacky is a translator. He’s a bit of aneccentric. And he can’t quite understand why the alluring and beautiful girl atthe bar wants to talk to him.Even more perplexing is the tattered bookshe carries with her but won’t let him touch. Written in an indecipherablelanguage—even for him—it contains, quite impossibly, what appear to bephotographs of her own murder. When she disappears hours later and the bookcomes into his possession, suspicion falls on him.Pursued by the police and armed withnothing but the book she has left behind, an unwavering determination, and theassistance of the world’s most annoying man, Jacky must race through Paris tosolve the mystery and find the missing girl.A wholly original, comical tale ofintrigue, betrayal and romance, this is the curious story of the world’s mostenigmatic book.

Acerca de David Quantick

David Quantick is an Emmy-winning television writer and the author of the best-selling writing manual How To Write Everything. He has written fortelevision in the USA (Veep) and the UK (The Thick Of It, Brass Eye, HarryHill’s TV Burp), and is also a radio broadcaster (The Blagger’s Guide, 52 FirstImpressions), author (The Mule, Sparks) and a journalist who’s written for over50 different publications, from the Daily Telegraph to The Dandy.

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