Modern Spiritualism por Frank Podmore

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Modern Spiritualism Frank Podmore

Forgotten Books 2017
ISBN: 9780243637522
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Frank Podmore

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To Dr. R. Hodgson also I owe much. Alike by natural endowment and by his unrivalled experience, Dr. Hodgson is probably better qualified than any living person to deal critically with the history of Spiritualism; nor did I venture to set about the present work until I had ascertained that he was not prepared to undertake the task himself. I had hoped, however, that he would have been able to contribute to the book his own version of his investigations in slate writing, and an account of the Eusapia séances, with his own criticisms. Pressure of other work prevented the fulfilment of this scheme but my own account of these matters is based, as the reader will see, almost exclusively on Dr. Hodgson’s writings, supplemented by his criticisms and suggestions on the completed chapters. Not to Dr. Hodgson alone, but also to the late Frederic Myers, I, in common with all others who are engaged on the investigation of these obscure and widely neglected problems, am indebted not only for much of the material used, but for the means of using it.

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