Matter and Spirit por Dudley M. Canright

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Matter and Spirit Dudley M. Canright

Forgotten Books 2017
ISBN: 9780243622252
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Idioma: Español

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Dudley M. Canright

Acerca del libro

But to the question, Can God organize matter so that it can think? We answer, Yes. But our Opponents say, A stone, a stick, dust, water, iron — these are material. -they have no intelli gence. Hence matter cannotthink. True, mat ter in these particular forms cannot think; but it does not follow that it cannot in a different form, or when differently organized. A ball of snow is very white and very cold. It is material. Shall I therefore conclude that all matter must be white and cold? A piece of coal is just as material as the snow-ball and yet it is very black, just Opposite in color from the snow. Again, burn ing coal is very hot, 1ust the Opposite of the cold snow. Has. It ceased to be material? Lift that block of lead. How very heavy! N OW handle those feathers. How light! They seem to be just the opposite of each other, yet both are mat ter. One form of matter is sour, as a lemon; an other is sweet, as sugar.

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