Making of the Modern Chinese Navy por Bruce A. Elleman

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Making of the Modern Chinese Navy Bruce A. Elleman

Anthem Press 2019
ISBN: 9781785271021
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Bruce A. Elleman

Acerca del libro

‘The Making of the Modern Chinese Navy’ includes 14 historical case studies that help to illuminate a number of special characteristics of the modern-day Chinese navy most Chinese naval officers perhaps take for granted, including a belief in the Mandate of Heaven, tributary system and the fear of ‘losing face’ either in a diplomatic setting or by risking valuable equipment in battle. Ethnic and language differences, regional loyalties and political mistrust potentially exacerbate these problems. Special peculiarities include the Mongol dual-officer diarchy that led to the political commissar system utilized by the People’s Liberation Army. Outside influences, such as blockade, sanctions or embargoes, can exert a profound impact on China, just as foreign intervention or, equally important, a decision not to intervene, can often determine the outcome of major maritime events. [NP] The 14 case studies discuss many of these characteristics, while the Conclusion examines all case studies together and places them in a historical perspective. ‘The Making of the Modern Chinese Navy’assesses which of these historical characteristics and peculiarities are still present in full force in China and which ones may no longer have as great an impact on the contemporary Chinese navy.

Acerca de Bruce A. Elleman

Bruce A. Elleman is William V. Pratt Professor of International History in the Maritime History Department, Center for Naval Warfare Studies, U.S. Naval War College. He is the author of many books, including International Competition in China, 1899-1991: The Rise, Fall, and Restoration of the Open Door Policy (Routledge/Curzon Press, 2015); Navies and Soft Power: Historical Case Studies of Naval Power and the Non-use of Military Force, edited, with S.C.M. Paine (NWC Press, 2015); Taiwan Straits: Crisis in Asia and the Role of the U.S. Navy (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015)

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