La Génèse – Les miracles et les predictions selon le spiritisme por Allan Kardec

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La Génèse - Les miracles et les predictions selon le spiritisme Allan Kardec

Allan Kardec 2016
ISBN: 9788822863461
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El autor es…

Allan Kardec

Acerca del libro

Pédagogue français, philosophe et éducateur, Allan Kardec supervise une séance de table tournante. Il assiste à une communication. Un dialogue entre les morts et les vivants. Témoin du phénomène surnaturel, Allan Kardec, qui ne croyait pas vraiment aux esprits, change son point de vue sur ce sujet.Homme minutieux, Allan Kardec regroupe toutes les données sur les communications avec les esprits et continu d’être le témoin de nombreuses expériences surnaturelles.Il devient le fondateur de la philosophie spirite et codificateur du spiritisme.La Genèse selon le Spiritisme donne une explication sur la révélation spirite. Des réponses viennent révéler le principe de la création de l’Univers, son immensité, ses milliards de planètes et de peuples.D’autres questions trouveront des explications. Qui est Dieu ? Quelle est la source du Bien et du Mal ? Quel est le rôle de la science dans la Genèse ? Les miracles existent-ils ? Que sont les Prédictions ?Bien sûr, ce livre revient aussi sur le comment de la création de la Terre et de ses premiers habitants…

Acerca de Allan Kardec

The figure-head of the Spiritist movement, Allan Kardec, was born Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail on October 3rd, 1804, in Lyon, France. He came from a long line of lawyers and legal professionals and was expected to follow suit but broke with family tradition to explore his interests in philosophy and the sciences.Hippolyte finished his studies in Switzerland where he became an acolyte and colleague of the famed educational maverick Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. By the time he had finished his education Rivail had quite a collection of qualifications and skills such as Bachelor of the Arts degrees in science and letters and a doctorate in medicine. He was also fluent in Spanish, German, Italian and English and all of the talents and honours he had acquired made him an ideal collaborator for Pestalozzi. Hippolyte’s work with Pestalozzi helped to lay the foundations for the teaching model in schools in France and Germany.He was a member of many scientific societies and wrote extensively on various subjects and one of his papers, ‘Which System of Study Is Most Harmonious with the Needs of the Time?’, lead to his induction in the Royal Academy of Arras. Rivail’s interests in science expanded beyond conventional studies and by the early 1850’s he had taken an interest in Franz Mesmer’s theory of ‘animal magnetism’.Mesmer’s theory was all the rage in the upper reaches of society and so was the phenomenon of ‘spirit tapping’. Spirit tapping had become very popular in France and the USA and it involved the apparent unaided movement of objects by spirit forces to answer questions by tapping out noises on surfaces with the amount of knocks translating to numbers of the alphabet. Such widespread fascination in the incidents piqued the interest of Rivail and so he decided to investigate the strange goings on.He attended his first séance in the May of 1855 and recorded his thoughts on this initial exposure to the phenomenon: “These meetings provided me with my first opportunity for serious studies of the subject that later led to the Spiritist Doctrine-study filled less with revelation and more with systematic observation. As to any new subject, I applied rigorous method to the investigation: avoiding preconceived notions, I observed attentively, compared observations, and deduced the consequences. I tried to identify the causes of the phenomena by linking the facts logically, and I did not accept an explanation as valid unless it could resolve all the difficulties of the question. This was the way I had always, from the age of fifteen or sixteen, proceeded in my scientific investigations. I understood from the beginning the gravity of the exploration I was undertaking. I foresaw in those phenomena, the key to the solution of problems so obscure and so disputed, both in the past and in the future, which I had searched for all my life; the phenomena posed a complete revolution in ideas and beliefs. It was necessary, therefore, to act not lightly, but rather with circumspection, to be positive rather than idealistic, so as not to be carried away by illusions.”During the many séances he attended Kardec communicated with a collection of entities that called themselves ‘The Spirit of Truth’. The group talked about many lofty subjects such as life after death, good and evil, the universe and the origin of spirits, amongst others. Thomas of Aquino, Voltaire and Augustine of Hippo all came through in the sessions and after a number of séances with the group Revail decided there was enough proof to convince him that there was life after death. Sensing that his revelation wasn’t meant just for him he decided to spread the message and ‘codified’ the Spirit…

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