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Living together without getting married is not a plan for success. Some studies, like Mike and Harriet McManus’ new book, Risk and Answers show that about 67% of couples who get divorced before marriage and subsequent divorce are divorced, compared to 45% of all marriages, in which case I think a marriage plans will start long before marriage begins for all of us. mature, loving, unselfish, forgive,  secure and have a clear understanding of our expectations and needs, ours, our preferences and our requirements Read the book again – PRETTY, LOVE, INCREDIBLE, Pardon, Protection.  YOU GET MORE, REASONS, NEW, REASONS, LEARNING AND NEXT? Can they communicate and honestly resolve another relationship with another adult to meet the requirements? If you do not have sex now is the perfect time to end the story the ones and the actions required to enjoy a happy marriage.Many couples work hard for months to plan a “perfect” wedding. All details are taken into consideration and decided upon. Maintenance, completion and organization plans are well sorted out. There are rehearsals for today’s events.  Every situation can be handled and resolved.But how many couples spend less and less of their time investing in wedding planning? How many are getting married? But in the morning, after saying “I did it”, they wake up married and spend the rest of their lives trying to “take advantage of every moment”. “Unfortunately, many people don’t have to go as long as two-thirds of the separated people are divorced.TONI BEST

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