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Marriage, in the second period, often has more expectations and actions – they can leave the selfishness of the approaching young and their loved ones, and accept the sign of a good relationship if it is not a good relationship. In fact, many marriages fail. Because the companies that must help men and women live together without conflict do not work for them. For example, many tell us that the church must accept the maximum distribution of work to break many relationships. Its incorporation into the old law, the stigmatization of unnecessary sex caused by birth control and its refusal to accept love as a spiritual relationship, long after the science that separated sex and childbirth ended through marriage.Many members of the reactionary priesthood never reached the stage of life and love, as the old traditional ideas and superstitions about gender were accepted as the main religious morals. Even today, in many religions and beliefs, morality is closely linked to sex. In many right-wing churches, you can indulge in all kinds of racism or sexual harassment – criticism of minorities and abuse of women – as long as you say you were born and raised. Adultery with your neighbor’s children or your spouse. Or at least not commit adultery.The bad thing is that good men are sexist, but of course my experience has shown that many men sometimes spend years without “getting stuck”. In what they call “marriage,” on the contrary, few women will go far without sex. A divorce starts soon or they will find another man … to play the secret game for a while … and start the process.  Again, a man’s case may be different, but it is a vulnerable woman who can spend almost five years without sex. In my opinion, the main reason is that a man can “survive”. and masturbation for a long time when a woman needs more than one man to give – that is why she will soon need a man and will have sex with him.TONI BEST

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