Empowering Bernard Lonergan’s Legacy por John Raymaker

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Empowering Bernard Lonergan's Legacy John Raymaker

UPA 2012
ISBN: 9780761860310
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Idioma: Español

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El autor es…

John Raymaker

Acerca del libro

Empowering Bernard Lonergan’s Legacy offers an interdisciplinary approach to Lonergan’s work. It presents a series of five “feedback matrices” to situate his work within a historical context. The matrices also serve to establish foundations for an interdisciplinary ethics and a method for interreligious dialogue. “Feedback” and “matrix” are key, but previously unstressed, notions in Lonergan’s work. The book’s final two collaborative feedback matrices could best be implemented in a proposed international Lonergan association. Raymaker argues that without such an association, Lonergan’s breakthrough method cannot reach its interdisciplinary and collaborative potential. One of Lonergan’s most important achievements was his development of foundations for the sciences, ethics, and interreligious dialogue. One can best empower Lonergan’s legacy through a correct understanding and implementation of how the data of human consciousness affects all human knowledge and activities.

Acerca de John Raymaker

John Raymaker has specialized in social ethics and in studying Buddhism during his twenty years in Japan where he taught cultural anthropology at Hosei University. He has authored and coauthored books on a possible Vatican III Council and on Bernard Lonergan.Godefroid Mombula, a native of the Congo, is a member of the Missionhurst missionary congregation. He spent several years as a missionary in the Philippines. After obtaining his PhD at the Gregorianum in Rome, he has returned to the Congo where he now directs several developmental projects.

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