Dyslexia por Lee Randalph

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Dyslexia Lee Randalph

Self Publisher 2020
ISBN: 9788835888383
Formatos: epub, pdf
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Idioma: Español

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Lee Randalph

Acerca del libro

This book consists of two titles, which are the following:Book 1: Dyslexia may be more common than you think. And it’s important to know about it if someone has it. What’s even more crucial, is knowing how to recognize it, learning to deal with it, and find solutions to solve some of the common problems it can create.In this book, you will find answers to many questions you may have about dyslexia. Topics vary from the symptoms, the strengths of a person who has it, treatment, the relationship to math, and how society and school systems have positively and negatively managed to cope with this learning disability.I encourage you to take a look inside or listen to a sample, so you can become more familiar with this subject.Book 2: People with dyslexia may struggle with many things. As kids, they try to keep up with the reading process in their classes. As adults, they may be good at reading but still not like it or have trouble with vocabulary.What kinds of other problems come with being dyslexic?This book will address these issues.Aside from that, we’ll look into the connection between dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities. We’ll get into the root of the hereditary factors of dyslexia, and we’ll compare the dyslexic percentages among males and females.These are just several of the many things you can learn from this book.

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