Dramatic Superheroes and Supervillains Actionfigures por Robby Bobby

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Dramatic Superheroes and Supervillains Actionfigures Robby Bobby

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ISBN: 9783746084053
Formatos: epub, pdf
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Idioma: Español

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El autor es…

Robby Bobby

Acerca del libro

In this illustrated book you find these action figures: HULK, BLACK PANTHER, PACIFIC RIM, SUPERMAN, WOLVERINE, WONDER WOMAN, THANOS, JUGGERNAUT by Mc Farlane, ROGUE, LOKI, THE THING, SHE HULK JENNIFER WALTERS, DRAKE, BLASTAAR, NAMOR, BISHOP, LIZARD, MYSTIQUE, ANGEL, ARCHANGEL, RHINO, DOCTOR STRANGE, DESTROYER, ASTRONAUT BEN GRIMM, DOCTOR STRANGE, IRON MONGER, GOBLIN, DOCTOR LEONARD SAMSON, DARE DEVIL, BULLSEYE, DEADPOOL, HULKBUSTER, DR. DOOM, SANDMAN, BEAST, HAWKEYE, CABLE, WENIDGO, SABRETOOTH, STORM, NIGHTCRAWLER, ABOMINATION, RED SKULL, COLOSSUS, THE VISION, BEETLE, MAN THING, KALIBAK, KOBRA, GORILLA GRODD, FLASH, STEPPENWOLF, LEX LUTHOR, DEMON ETRIGAN, MAN BAT, HAWKMAN, HAWKGIRL, BEASTBOY, FORAGER, STARFIRE, PARADEMON, BIG BARDA, DARKSEID, MISTER MIRACLE, MONKEYMAN, SAVAGE DRAGON, MANITS, GOLDEN PHARAOH, THE RIDDLER, GYGOR GORILLA, HELLBOY, GHOSTBUSTERS, KHAL DROGO, BLACK WIDOW, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THE TORCH, GODZILLA, HORSE REVOLTECH, TONY MONTANA SCARFACE, CAESAR, CHITAURI, PANTHOR, TYRANNOSAURUS REX, KRATOS, EVOLVE HANK, GOLIATH, MARKOV, SPAWN, LOCUST GRENADIER, CHANDRA NALAAR, RYU, COLE, BAT CREATURE, GARRUK WILDSPEAKER, JUDGE MASTER GABRANT, NATHAN SPENCER, ANJA, DESPERO, AZRAEL, KAMANDI, ORION. Robby Bobby is a passionate collector of Action Figures. He collects Superheroes and Super villains as well. As a graduated Photographer and with his burning passion for the world of Marvel and DC he creates impressing unforgettable photographs that will touch your heard. For his first books Robby Bobby used colored lights and frosted glass to create the effect of mystically luminous figures that seem to stand on no ground and are surrounded by magical light as if floating in space.For his second series of books Robby Bobby used a diorama, which he himself invented and built. This diorama in itself is already a work of art. This miniature city provides the background for the dark atmosphere in the comic world, whereby he illuminated the figures individually and staged them like real actors. Watch the video at amazon.com/author/robby.bobby It shows a little tour through the wonderful diorama full of little surprises and details.

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