Do As I Say, Not As I Did por Michael N. Marcus

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Do As I Say, Not As I Did Michael N. Marcus

Características 2015
ISBN: 9780981661780
Formatos: epub, pdf
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Idioma: Español

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Michael N. Marcus

Acerca del libro

LAUGH & LEARN This bestselling book is a collection of amusing anecdotes and useful advice on a wide range of subjects: money, relationships, parenting, business, work, cars, food & drink, life & death, education, health, technology, media, aging, time, animals, baseball, sailing, sex, writing & publishing and law. The book is the sad—and also humorous and helpful—story of what the author did wrong over a lifetime and what he learned from his mistakes, plus what he learned from observing other people, companies, animals and events.Marcus often fantasizes about traveling back in time to warn himself not to make stupid mistakes.He says, “The ten-, twenty- and sixty-year-old me might have ignored the advice of parents, teachers, doctors and accountants—but not the advice of me. If I talk to myself I have to listen. While technology will not yet allow me to go back and talk to myself, I can warn and advise anyone else who’s willing to pay attention. That’s why I wrote this book. And maybe by looking back I can influence my own future.”

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