Co-Dependency por Gregory Haynes

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Co-Dependency Gregory Haynes

Anonymous 2020
ISBN: 9791220217811
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Gregory Haynes

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The following topics are included in this 2-book combo:Book 1: Are you co-dependent or just a caring person?This question lies at the heart of the first chapter in this book. Other chapters include topics such as: narcissism in relationships, abuse, addiction to love, self-confidence, controlling behavior, the myth of getting what you want, broken promises, signs of co-dependency, trauma, and loving your partner more.All of these topics will have significant thoughts that can help you in your personal and business life. Stronger relationships can be possible if they were only to be understood more deeply.Book 2: In this guide, you will learn more about co-dependency. You will also discover the definition of counter-dependency, and all the effects that these two phenomena have on relationships. This way, you’ll be better prepared if you ever find yourself in such a relationship, whether that’s an intimate one or a business-related one.Aside from this, we’ll discuss the signs of these two terms, how to escape the trap, why people stay in damaging or toxic relationships in the first place, how people exercise control over others, and how some co-dependency (in its lighter form) may not be as problematic as some may think.Are you ready to learn more about yourself and others around you? Then start reading or listening to this book!

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