Club Of Virgins 2 por P. Torres

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Club Of Virgins 2 P. Torres

Babelcube Inc. 2017
ISBN: 9781547511440
Formatos: epub, pdf
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Idioma: Español

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El autor es…

P. Torres

Acerca del libro

After a few months, Natan returns to his country of origin. Petalouda still doesn’t know about his return and she is surprised to see him back at the university where it all began. Nathanael is transformed and a phoenix marks his change. However, over the months, a tragedy shakes the boy’s emotional structures and this can bring him closer to his great and unique love.Will Nathan and Peta finally get it right? Will they forgive themselves after all?Do not miss the second volume of the Club  of Virgins Series and experience in words the beautiful love of these two young people who seek only happiness in their love lives …

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