Body of Light por John Mann

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Body of Light John Mann

Tuttle Publishing 2012
ISBN: 9781462907038
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Idioma: Español

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John Mann

Acerca del libro

Combining easy-to-read scholarship with step-by-step practices, John Mann and Lar Short have created a unique resource for all spiritual seekers.The title of this book, The Body Of Light, refers to two stages in this process of internal evolution. The first applies to the subtle body, which is typically described in terms of the radiance of its colors. The second concerns the final stage of development, when the physical level is totally transfigured and only a rainbow body—a distinct but nonmaterial entity that is free of all physical limitations—remains. That is the eventual goal. But to get there, the subtle body must be activated; a process which is the theme of this book.By examining Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and other traditions for information on the subtle body, the authors lead us to a better understanding of the inner workings of all spiritual traditions. Liberally illustrated with line drawings and comparative tables the second half of The Body Light is devoted to a sequence of practical exercises, drawn from a wide variety of traditions, that you can immediately use to begin or to broaden your own spiritual practice.

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