Bible in Worship por Victoria Raymer

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Bible in Worship Victoria Raymer

Hymns Ancient & Modern 2017
ISBN: 9780334056492
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Idioma: Español

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Victoria Raymer

Acerca del libro

Biblical proclamation is central to Christian worship. The Bible witnesses to the foundational experiences of the Church. Its proclamation invites worshippers into encounter with Christ, the living Word. “The Bible in Worship” seeks to make visible how the Bible is encountered in the worship of mainstream Western churches.Focusing in turn on the Roman Catholic, Reformed and Anglican traditions, Victoria Raymer offers a detailed and lively consideration of the contemporary practices of proclamation in each, considers their respective patterns of reading the Bible as part of public worship, and reflects on the place the Bible takes in daily prayer. Raymer also draws our attention towards the role the psalms play in contemporary formal liturgy, and offers a chapter on how the Bible is weaved into less formal forms of worship, including contemporary sung worship. Offering a truly holistic study of the scripture in worship, the book will resource readers to reflect on how proclamation invites response in understanding and resolve, and to consider how it might do so more effectively.

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