Bar-jutsu por James Porco

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Bar-jutsu James Porco

Tuttle Publishing 2013
ISBN: 9781462912926
Formatos: epub, pdf
Dispositivos: PC, MAC, móviles, Android, iOS
Idioma: Español

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El autor es…

James Porco

Acerca del libro

“It’s as if Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn wrote a treatise on bouncing as the sequel to “Wedding Crashers.”— Pittsburgh Post GazetteA pounding headache, mouth dry as the desert, memory loss…and wait, a black eye and a fat lip? You have officially woken up from another night on the town. While there is no known cure for that dastardly headache and cotton mouth, there is now officially a remedy for the black eye and bruises. Bar-jutsu: The American Art of Bar Fighting, is a step-by-step guide to defending yourself against those brazen bar brawlers.After years spent working as a bouncer at bars and clubs, James Porco—a certified ninjitsu instructor and former professional wrestler—set out on a quest to teach every man and woman to stand tall when barroom trouble has found them. Bar-jutsu: The American Art of Bar Fighting frees us from this fear of tavern tangles with a range of self-defense techniques that can easily erupt in a the bar environment. Each eye-opening chapter addresses a range of potentially volatile situations, including:First Contact: Oops! I Touched HimUp against the WallIs that a Broken Beer Bottle in Your Hand or Are You Just Happy to See Me? I’m Not as Think As You Drunk I amWho is this Clown? Thanks to Bar-jutsu’s simple, yet effective fighting techniques, you can soon tote yourself as an official night spot ninja.

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