A Text-Book of Logic por Arthur Ernest Davies

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A Text-Book of Logic Arthur Ernest Davies

Forgotten Books 2017
ISBN: 9780243612499
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Arthur Ernest Davies

Acerca del libro

It seems, therefore, that for some time to come logic will continue, in the main, to be traditional, and that books of logic will have to conform to the requirements that are determined by that fact. But there are all sorts and degrees of conformity, and I confess to a liking for that kind and degree which is not inconsistent with the exercise of the largest liberty of one’s academic conscience. It would not be surprising, consequently, if it were discovered that I had allowed the present situation in: logic to sit lightly upon me, and that, where it seemed desirable, I had departed in method and doc trine from traditional views. It is I believe in some such way as this, rather than in assuming a critical, not to say captious, attitude toward the whole of traditional logic that the best interests both of the subject and of those who study it can be advanced.

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